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Welcome to the web site of the Environmental Leadership Collaborative (ELC), a network of organizations working to expand the capacity of the environmental movement. ELC member organizations provide fellowships, internships, leadership seminars, activist development programs, and skills training to strengthen and support the work of environmental professionals, activists, students, volunteers, and organizations.

From this web site you can link to the sites of member organizations, learn about becoming an ELC member, and view a calendar of dates for environmental leadership development opportunities.

What's New in environmental leadership: ELC spotlight:

LEAD International has been busy creating a number of new tools and resources for creating and sustaining a global network of leaders. The new LEAD CD-ROM introduces and explains key issues surrounding sustainable development. The CD presents a diverse set of perspectives from an international group of authors, including experts from within the LEAD network and internationally renowned specialists. LEAD has also recently completed putting all of their environment/development training case studies on their website. The cases come from all over the world have been developed and used as training cases for LEAD on topics from globalization, to sustainable community development. To find out more visit the LEAD website

The Robert & Patricia Switzer Foundation Spring 2005 Switzer Environmental Leadership Grant deadline for concept letters is February 1, 2005. The Grant Program is designed to advance the public service careers of Switzer Fellowship alumni and to give non-profit organizations, educational institutions and government agencies addressing issues of environmental quality access to individuals with superior technical and scientific expertise, while working in partnership to address a significant environmental issue. Grants are available to any U.S.-based environmental organizations with 501(c)(3) status or public agencies. Proposals must be developed jointly by the nonprofit or public agency and a Switzer Fellow. For more information.

Download the ELC's brochure in PDF format.

For more information about the Environmental Leadership Collaborative contact us at info@enviroleader.org

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